Maanya Tandon


Hi everyone!! I’m a rising junior majoring in computer science and minoring in economics. I’m this years president of USACS. My goal for this year is to help the Rutgers Computer Science community through the year by providing you guys with opportunities to learn and get to know each other despite the pandemic and the probable online learning environment. We’re working on a lot of things for you guys. In my free time I’ve been really into working out, cooking, and working on projects! My insta is @maanyatandon, and you can reach out to me on messenger too (Maanya Tandon).


Sibhi Ramadoss


Hello everyone! I'm Sibhi, a rising sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering & Mathematics and the treasurer for USACS. My goal for the year is to secure funding and work with other CS clubs in order to increase the amount of meaningful of company speakers for the CS community here at Rutgers. This summer I’m studying for my upcoming classes and learning some new programming concepts. You can reach me on Facebook or Instagram (@sibhi_ramadoss).



Education Director

I'm Rahul Trivedi and i'm the education director for this year! I'm a sophomore majoring in computer science, cognitive science and minoring in music. As education director, I'm in charge of the mentorship program and hosting events like Hacker Hours and Surviving CS so that undergraduates can get the help they need to succeed and learn more about CS! On my free time, I like playing the violin, doing side projects, and watching basketball. Feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or if you just want to talk.


Hoaian Nguyen

Outreach Director

Hey! It's Hoaian, and I'm the current Outreach Director for USACS. For this coming year, I'm hoping to hold not just company events but also grad, alumni, and faculty ones, and I would welcome any input! A little about me. I'm currently a CS and Econ double major. Besides binging rom-coms and crime shows (if you love gibbs you're a friend of mine) I love love love 3 main things: dogs, cheese, and the New York Giants. Hope to have a great year with you guys. If you ever want to give suggestions/feedback or just to talk reach out anytime!



Tech Director

hey y'all !! I’m Sam Olagun, incoming USACS Tech Director. I’m a 3rd year Computer Science major and Cognitive Science minor. I see technology as an ethical, expressive and playful device for good (and you should too!). In my free time I design sites for student-run orgs and non-profits, study topics that I care about, and code. I’m currently learning new techniques for expressing myself with code (I’m inspired by @afrotectopia and @sfpc_nyc, they're absolutely amazing!), interning as a software engineer at a tech corp, and trying to stay healthy.


Srija Gottiparthi

Events Coordinator

Hey guys! I'm Srija, a rising junior majoring in BAIT & Computer Science and Events Coordinator for USACS. My goal for the year is to get all the CS clubs working closely together so that all CS events get max attendance! This summer, I'm interning with American Express on their Cloud Engineering team, and I'm also working on side projects / learning new skills, doing interview prep, reading for fun, and chilling 🙂 Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook (Srija Gottiparthi) or Instagram (@gotsrii)!


Johnathan Shaio

Co-Communications Director

This is Johnathan Shiao, rising junior and Co-Communications Director for USACS. I'm majoring in CS, with a minor in Math. This year one of my goals is to expand the USACS Youtube channel. As of right now, we post the weekly Hacker Hours for those who cannot make it in person. But, with talks of virtual events, perhaps we may be able to share more USACS events in the future!


Jigisha Mavani

Co-Communications Director

Hi! I'm Jigisha and I'm a rising sophomore majoring in Computer Science. I'm the Co-Communications Director for USACS and I'm excited to get more students involved and help them know of opportunities and important events. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and reading. Feel free to reach out to me on insta (@jigishamavani) or fb(Jigisha Mavani)!



Community Director

Hi everyone! I'm Archi, a rising sophomore majoring in CS with minors in Hindi and Economics. I'm super excited to serve as Community Director for USACS this year! Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook (Archi Parekh) or by email ( A little about me. This summer, I'm interning at Cognition IP, a law-tech startup, building side projects, and tutoring middle schoolers. In my free time, you'll probably find me baking, making earrings, or watching Brooklyn 99.