Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists

Upcoming Events:

5 sep
Involvement Fair - College Ave. Check out USACS at Rutgers’ annual fall involvement fair, talk to club members, and discover a program to get excited about.
9 sep
Game Night - The CAVE Play some board games and Super Smash Bros. and get to know the members of USACS for the first time.
14 sep
First Mentorship Meeting - The CAVE Learn more about the mentorship program and figure out what kind of mentor relationship suits you best.

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the cave

The CAVE (Collaborative Academic Versatile Environment) is located on the second floor of the Hill Bldg Annex in Room 252. Part of the Computer Science Instructional Labs, The CAVE was designed to provide students their own atmosphere for collaboration and group projects.

command center

Right next door to the CAVE, the command center is stocked with Linux machines and whiteboards, perfect for late night cram sessions.


The Hack-R-space is located on the second floor of the Hill Bldg Annex in Room 254. As one of the newest additions to the Computer Science Instructional Labs, the Hack-R-Space is a workshop for students to tinker and build. The Hack-R-Space offers students access to an abundance of resources, including 3D printing, Robotics, Oculus Rifts, and Instrumental recording hardware.


The Makerspace is designed for Rutgers affiliates of all experience levels to bring their ideas to life. Located near Livingston Campus, the Makerspace is a tech atelier for students to design and construct hardware.