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USACS is...

USACS, also known as the Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists, is a Computer Science interest group at Rutgers University. USACS primarily exists as a club that strings together a series of events for the Rutgers CS community. Our "members" are loosely defined as event regulars attendees and participants.

In addition to our two big events that we plan on a semesterly basis, USACS runs Code Red every Friday from 1pm to 6pm in Hill 252, a program set up for 111 and 112 students to come in and get free tutoring from USACS members. We also hold a weekly Hacker Hour session on Fridays at 6pm after Code Red where upperclassmen teach subjects that CS students would normally never have the opportunity to learn in the standard CS curriculum at each Hacker Hour.

USACS also manages a mentoring program that connects aspiring underclassmen CS students with experienced upperclassmen who can teach them practical, job-oriented CS skills.

Mission Statement

To provide the tools and resources necessary for people interested in Computer Science to succeed inside and outside the classroom.