To keep the Rutgers CS/tech community thriving.


  • Technology: inspire and keep alive the spirit of hacking.
  • Education: promoting mentorship, research, and learning.
  • Community: foster diverse, inclusive, and friendly social spaces.
  • Outreach: build relationships with youth, alumni, and tech companies.


  • Host quality-assured technical talks on a weekly basis.
  • Provide platforms for career development and project sharing.
  • Initiate and oversee mentorship program for undergraduates.
  • Promote undergraduate research and faculty involvement.
  • Grow and maintain social media presence for CS students.
  • Stay in tune with CAVE management and hackathon coordination.
  • Build framework to connect alumni with community after graduation.
  • Coordinate tech company recruitment and outreach efforts.
  • Connect students with mentorship opportunities targeting youth.
  • Inviting prominent leaders in technology to speak to our community.


  • Students feeling comfortable in and growing from our events, spaces, and programs.
  • Other communities, departments, and universities knowing how awesome we are.
  • Public visibility for our community's projects and endeavors while keeping diverse.